Lack of Light

There is a eternal space in my heart...

filled with nothing
an empty promise

dark as midnight
shaded with regret

heavy as lead
deep in despair

damp as the rain
clouded by tears

a barren room
packed with emotions

...just for You.

Ill-fated State of Affairs

A hand, held out
But no one to hold

A turn, a glance
With no response

A place, a time
Without a date

A gift, a talent
Unable to share

A keen understanding
Of useless information

Finding endless bounty
Beyond the horizon

Sensing love’s true kiss
Upon the leper’s lips

Realizing the meaning of life
Is quite clear to the madman

Here and Now

Sitting on the edge
Taking in the view
Aware of the precarious position

Leaning out
Pulling back
Sensing a shift

Feeling out of body
Tempting the unknown
Calmed by the unfamiliar

Letting go
Without a rope

Losing sight of the summit
Blind to the underneath
Unnerved by the here and now